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Pre-Order Policy

What is a pre-order?
Simply put, a pre-order is an order you can place for a new item before it is in stock and available for delivery. Generally, it is an item that is new to the marketplace and we have already placed an order with our suppliers for the item. These items are usually in the developmental stages when we create the product listings. The images are taken from prototypes. The finished product that you receive may vary in design, specifications and package contents. Please be ready to assume these risks before placing your order.

Why should I pre-order at
By placing a pre-order with you will receive the highest priority order fulfillment. We fill pre-orders based on the order they are received. Pre-orders are also processed prior to any in stock order received. Thus, pre-ordering helps ensure that you will receive the most sought after new products. If you pre-order, you will be among the first of our customers to receive the item. Oftentimes, with popular items, a purchasing frenzy ensues when it is released, making it difficult to get the item before it is sold out. Procuring an item on a pre-order basis means that, unless our shipment of the items is lost when coming from our supplier, you are guaranteed to get an item shortly after we receive it.

Pre-sale item keeping value:

Yes, we promise you the price of Pre sale items. If the item you ordered deduct the price in 1 months , please contact us to get coupon of the difference.

Is the item guaranteed to arrive on the estimated availability date?

No, when an item opens for pre-order, we don't always have the full details on availability from our suppliers. In other words, it is quite possible--and quite common--that pre-order items are delivered later than expected. Pre-orders are explicitly made without a guarantee that the item will arrive at a certain time. Always check the product item page for the most up to date information on availability. So please think twice when you place a pre-order.

Simply email us at with the details, and we will do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction.

We strive to provide our customer with high-quality e-cigarette, but the item you received might not perform as expected by the time it's delivered or after a time for reasons beyond our control. In such cases, you may contact us and ask for a replacement or a refund. Please do use them first to see whether they can work well when you receive your order.